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Nepal Wool Felt Producer’s & Exporter’s Association (NWFPEA), Which was established in 2006 based in Kathmandu, Nepal is nonprofit organization aimed at representing the collective efforts of Felt Industries, Entrepreneurs and Businesses in overall economic development of Nepal at national and international level. The main purpose of NWFPEA is to unite all Wool Felt Manufacturers, Exporters, Businesses and other stakeholders with a vision and mission to solve problems, weaknesses, and threats to seek opportunities and strength of overall Wool Felt businesses in Nepal.

Objective Of NWFPEA Are As Follows:

  1. Networking and co-ordination of all stakeholders and entrepreneurs who deal in Wool Felt Products and Wool Felt Accessories from different parts of Nepal.
  2. Facilitating as the information resource centre for strengthening Wool Felt Industries, Traders and Exporters.
  3. Networks effectively as a coordinating organization that supports the poor and deprived sectors people in Nepal.
  4. Build linkages and affiliations at the regional and international level for joint promotional activities with government and non government organizations for national, socio economic development of Nepal.

Implementation Of Work And Activities By NWFPEA Till Date To Meet The Above Objectives:

  1. Basic and Advance Wool Felt training Program done at different places.
  2. Planning workshop with entrepreneurs and stakeholders of Wool Felt Products and Wool Felt Accessories at Hotel Yak & Yeti.
  3. Lobbying with Nepal Government for the Sheep Farming New Zealand breed of Sheeps for the production of the raw material of Felt Wool instead of importing these raw materials from foreign countries spending expensive US Dollars.
  4. Membership in Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industries (FNCCI).
  5. Remuneration of 0.10 percent of total export of Wool Felt Products and Wool Felt Accessories through FHAN to FIAN for the financial support to efficiently and effectively run NWFPEA.
  6. Participate in FHAN ‘s 11th craft competition in wool felt products May 2016.